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The Difference between Jute vs Synthethetic fibers

Jute is a natural fiber and therefore tends to pose more risk and requires more maintenance.

Jute is highly flammable material
Jute can mildew and rot if wet
Requires that fire retardant be added each time (fire retardant is powered and can get all over everything)
Jute has a natural tree scent (which may be great for hunting)
Tends to be heavy and restricts movement
Not foldable for easy portability

Synthetic fiber

Rot proof and Mildew resistant
Half the weight of jute making it easier to maneuver and of course cooler
comes with fire retardant applied and only needs to be reapplied if it gets washed off
Synthetic fiber will melt if in touch with fire (not highly flammable as natural fibers)
Waterproof - great for inclement weather just reapply fire retardant