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If you have been thinking about adding a new manís coat to your wardrobe then you should know that Fidelity pea coats for men are some of the best garments for the money.  Imagine being able to purchase a pea coat men truly enjoy wearing. Even better is the fact that most purchasers consider these pea coats to be a true investment.

Fidelity pea coats for men are well designed and superbly tailored. 32 ounce wool construction gives these outer wear garments a combination of comfort and warmth. The nylon lining and polyester filled, quilted liner provide additional comfort to the wearer. Every detail for the garments in this mens pea coat line is designed to enhance the overall styling.

In addition to the polished tailoring and flawless seams the lines of these coats are undeniably masculine in appearance.

With a woolen navy pea coat it is possible to maintain warmth and comfort without sacrificing any of your personal style. Perhaps you have worn some of those incredibly bulky jackets and coats in the past only to feel that the garment is now wearing you instead. Down jackets for men can be warm but these have very limited uses.  For instance the down expands and can make it difficult to move about easily. Besides, who wants to wear such a casual style of coat or jacket to more upscale events?

This is where the versatile nature of pea coats for men has a distinct advantage. The traditional pea coat has a sleek, military cut that never interferes with normal movement. In addition you will quickly discover that these types of coats are flattering and masculine, but they can bridge the style barrier that separates casual outfits from more formal clothing choices.  You will feel at home wearing mens pea coat styles to restaurants, work, football games or even an opening of an art exhibit.

Fidelity pea coats feature a well -made 4 ounce polyester lining that is deeply quilted. This provides interior comfort and increases the natural warmth of the woolen fabric. The flared collar can remain flat or you can choose to flip it into an upright position if the weather is cold and windy. This will help prevent the chilly air from reaching your neck and face. There are also two rows of buttons on the front of the coat that are adorned with naval anchors. This small, but important, detail adds an extra touch of authenticity and tradition to the pea coat design.

Fidelity pea coats are tailored and manufactured in the United States of America. This is an important designation for many purchasers. Garments that are made in the USA are highly desirable and these clothing items must meet stringent product and manufacturing standards before being sold to the public.

When you are ready to order one of these pea coats for men you will discover that both regular and tall sizes are readily available. This ensures that you will be able to select the perfect size for your body type.

The tailoring and careful fit for these menís coats adheres to similar standards that are used for sizing military uniforms. You should generally order a manís pea coat that is at least 1 size bigger than the standard sports jacket you normally wear. This will allow you to wear a bulkier clothing item such as a fishermanís sweater underneath the pea coat without affecting the hang and draping of the coat. If you plan to pair this coat with shirts or a close fitting turtleneck then you can still order a pea coat in your normal jacket size.