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Our new line of ULTRA-LIGHT camouflage is substantially more comfortable and just as effective as a traditional ghillie suit. In fact, the US Army field tested and found the Ultra-light Ghillie Suits equaled or surpassed burlap/jute ghillies in every category. We designed a light-weight, synthetic string material that cuts the weight of our suits to 3.5 pounds. This new ghillie suit is scentless, hand-washable, non-allergenic, fire, water, and mildew resistant.

We also offer Fidelity Navy Pea Coats, Bridge Coats and CPO shirts. These pea coats are made in USA and are constructed 32 ounce wool melton and also includes genuine naval anchor buttons!

Peacoats have long been a popular choice for outer wear. These garments have that classic design that never goes out of style regardless of what the current fashion trends may be. With so many styles of coats and jackets from which to choose there are some very good reasons why these particular coats continue to rank so high on the popularity chart.

Tradition, elegance, charm and comfort are all features that any consumer can appreciate and all of these unique style features are present in each and every pea coat. This type of outerwear was initially created for sailors who had to battle the cold, salty winds at sea. It was not long before the crisp, neat appearance of the peacoat began to be widely adopted by both landlubbers and sailors.

The iconic navy pea coat is one that both males and females can wear with ease. Peacoats are designed to help people weather a variety of outdoor conditions including wind, rain, snow and cold temperatures. It is easy to see why these coats appeal to such a wide range of customers.

Navy pea coats are the true essence of timeless fashion elegance. These are the classic coats that have held true to the original design throughout the years. Although there are some pea coats that are offered in a variety of colors it is the navy blue material and black wool material that are both so readily identifiable as being the real deal.

In addition to the warmth and comfort that these coats provide you can't deny the fact that the sleek lines and perfect fit helps keep you looking fabulous. The coats maintain their shape even over the course of time, and once you own one it is easy for you to pair it with almost any other wardrobe item. These double breasted coats can be worn with jeans for a casual look or you can pair the peacoat with a pencil skirt or slacks for a chic, edgy look.

These nautically influenced coats are made from worsted wool that is known for its extremely durable nature and comfortable warmth. The navy color is rich and attractive, and can be easily matched with dozens of other clothing colors.

The double breasted design can be worn open or closed, and the collar can be folded upward so that it frames your face and adds an extra layer of protection against inclement weather.

When you are ready to choose from the many pea coats that are now available you want to make sure that you select a coat that still has a distinctive character. Look at the way the seams are finished, and pay attention to the type of buttons that are present. Buttons are always functional but they also add unique interest to a garment.

The lining of your new coat is another element that you should consider. There are a variety of lining options that can be found. These include coat linings made from soft satin and linings that are quilted for added comfort and warmth.

Many people have purchased quality peacoats and then quickly discovered that these are some of the most versatile and reliable garments they will ever buy. It is not unusual for individuals to still wear their favorite navy pea coat 6-10 years after they have originally bought it. Think about these facts and then take a look at some of the stylish choices that are being offered for sale.